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Sou uma mulher transexual de Lisboa, Portugal, onde nasci e cresci. Neste espaço poderá encontrar pensamentos, reflexões e comentários inerentes à minha vida como mulher trans. Seja benvind@ ao meu cantinho.

sábado, abril 04, 2009

Top Model's Isis, Now Transitioned, Becomes Engaged

The Advocate, CA, USA

America’s Next Top Model’s first transgender contestant, Isis, stopped by The Tyra Banks Show on Tuesday to talk about her life after having sex-reassignment surgery. Isis told Banks, who had paid for the operation, that it’s nice to finally be comfortable in her own skin.

But Isis received yet another surprise on the show (which had surprised her during her previous appearance with the offer to pay for her surgery) -- her boyfriend dropped by with a wedding ring and proposed.

Isis was understandably uncomfortable at certain times while filming the reality modeling competition -- particularly when shoots called for her to pose in formfitting, revealing clothing.

Tyra took home a GLAAD Media Award for excellence in media Saturday night.